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Remake is a full-service marketing agency (and even more) which has a team of young creative people. All of us are artists, but everyone in their own way, and together we do great projects. Dreamers need to stick together!
We are a team who specialized in development of communication strategies, digital advertising and design of all communication channels. We love to hear a good story, that one which lies behind a photo or someone’s words. We love to create a new world for your product, to pleasantly observe the new look of your brand, to write, design, think creatively and smart and at the same time have fun because the most original ideas come up when we are who we are.
Get to know our way of working ; )
Everything we do, we do with passion because we are not one of those people who will only do half of the work. We love our job and that’s why you need to trust us and allow us to have freedom in our work, and in return we will give you innovation. We also have a lot of pleasures! Besides drinking the morning coffee, we are especially looking forward to brainstorming. Ideas just start flowing! Especially when we manage to implement them successfully! It is worth risking with our crazy ideas and allowing us to think outside the box, to break the limits of the usual design and marketing campaigns. We look at projects through rose-coloured glasses because we don’t like the greyness. So on our common path to success make sure you put your sunglasses on so that the sun doesn’t hit our eyes and let’s go!
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