Author: Ivan Jerkić

How to promote music festival?

Split Beach Festival 2015 and 2016 – case study


We are presenting you an overview which demonstrates how Split Beach Festival and its organizers took advantage of variety of web advertisements (such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and etc) for the promotion of their 3 day summer beach festival in 2015 and 2016.

Split beach Festival is a unique combination of the electronic music (EDM) and the open air beach party. It is being held since 2014 on the most famous local beach, Bačvice, and this year was the 3rd consecutive edition of the festival. The project is of an enormous importance for the development of the city of Split as the top tourist destination and the entertainment center during the summer months on the Croatian coast. Everything said was acknowledged by the Split’s Tourist board.


Our challenge:

How to promote Split Beach Festival, primarily to the Croatian citizens, but also to the foreign visitors?

In order to promote the event to the Croatian citizens, we have focused our efforts primary to the most common and widespread social media network in Croatia. Of course, we are talking about Facebook here. However, especially considering this type of the events, we cannot leave out Instagram – the social media network which is exceptionally popular among the members of the target group of the festival visitors. For the 2016 edition, we have added a Snapchat (a mobile app that has become trendy among teenagers and younger generations) campaign as well. In the same year we have broadened the campaign limits outside the social media by creating and designing a web page, running web ads, copywriting and creating the slogan, the official hashtag, the official visuals and by conducting a guerrilla marketing campaign “The way to the Sand of Freedom”.


The campaign goals and achieved results (2015):

We created adverts in Croatian and English, for the promotion of the event (Facebook event) and Facebook page. Active involvement of the fans on Facebook was encouraged by interactive posts, from which few were prize contests (prize: festival tickets) with the reach over 20 000 users. The whole growth and promotion on Instagram were achieved without investing a single cent, respectively – 100% organic. The account of Split Beach Festival on Instagram can be seen here.

We have created the consistent visual identity on the social media for the 2015 edition of the festival (during the period of active promotion):




How did we conduct the prize contest via RE Memory app (2015):

With a goal to increase the interaction furthermore, we had organized the prize contest via our app – RE Memory. The contest lasted for 7 days, starting on the 18th of July 2015, and it generated impressive results. During the contest online time, the reach of the whole generated content was significantly increased. The final effect was the enhanced growth of the likes, both on the posts and the page.

Also, we have collected the data via the app about the contestants, which later served us as the base for the promotional activities towards potential visitors of the festival.


Campaign goals and achieved results (2016):

Web page, visual design, web adverts:

We have redesigned the web page by using the dynamic video background (2015 aftermovie). We have created the characteristic visual: red and dark blue colors, sunset, sea – associations of the beach party being held throughout all night – Split Beach Festival. Aforementioned visual pattern was used in all of the visual communications during the active promotion of the event – on web, banners, posts, ads, flyers, videos etc. The festival was promoted on various portals, mobile apps, search engines, and on YouTube using the advert platforms such as Google AdWords and Etarget. In total, we have reached 2 million active internet users, while 20 thousand of them can be considered as “leads” – after visiting the web page of the event.






Social media and “offline” campaign:

Facebook and Instagram were “the interactive” part of the campaign: engaging posts, prize contest, and customer support via the timeline and inbox (FB page). Besides that, these two social networks were the part of the advertising campaign of: conversion ads, page like ads, post boosting ads, and FB event boosting ads. Besides the FB and IG, we have used Snapchat as well – the most popular social app among teenagers and younger generations (you will read more about that a bit later). The internet was only the part of the overall campaign, the other part was “offline” – we have taken a part in the banners + flyers creation, and we have conducted a guerilla marketing campaign, about which you can find out more below in the text. J


Guerilla campaign “The way to the Sand of Freedom” (2016):

Video – the final result of the campaign can be watched on the Facebook page of Split Beach Festival.



The video was filmed during few days before the festival on several locations around Split, by the hidden camera. We have been asking random bypassers to show us the way to the “Sand of Freedom” (the official slogan of the festival – represents the location, Bacvice Beach), and we have rewarded the ones who knew the answer with the tickets. During the campaign, we have promoted the variation of keywords like “sand of freedom” on all of the search engines in order to further increase the clicks on the webpage of the festival. The result of the campaign is short and funny viral video which we have uploaded on the Facebook.

How did we conduct a Snapchat campaign (2016):

Snapchat campaign was held for a few days before the festival and until the end of it (2016). During the campaign week, the account was followed by 83 people. Engagement of the followers was extremely high – fans were demanding snaps of the DJs, dancers, they have asked various inquiries about the schedule, etc. Also, we have created the special snap filters which were used during the festival running time – you can check the examples in the pictures on the left.


The client:

Marketing on the social media and web advertising are the must if you want to be successful in today’s business, especially in the entertainment industry (music festivals) where the target audience is consisted of young people who are regular users of the internet and social media. With that purpose in mind, we have contacted the experts of digital marketing from the agency Remake, whose quality we had previously known from various other joint projects. The investment in digital marketing has proven to multiply the growth of the festival, which will continue for certain in the next years as well.

Tomislav Burazin, Pro Eventum, co-organizer of the festival