Author: Ivan Jerkić


Case study – supermarket chain Tommy

Tell us what associations come to your mind when someone mentions you supermarket?

Shopping, groceries, discounts, those big signs that literally “yell” at you to buy something and so on and on…

But, can a supermarket chain be something more than annoying discount banners that are trying to force us, desperately make us buy something?

Of course that it can be. A supermarket chain can be your “BFF”, who knows your needs, gives you suggestions, cares about your opinion and the one who is always there with the perfect solution when you encounter problems. SOCIAL MEDIA is the key that unlocks the gates to this path of friendly, customer orientated business.

How to achieve it? Well, we cannot tell you immediately – you will have to read this case study carefully to know how to do it.

Let us show you how we “remade” our client – Tommy.


Tommy is the biggest supermarket chain in Dalmatia (a region in South Croatia), and one of the leading chains in Croatia. They employ more than 4000 people and have more than 200 shops all around the country, while the most of them is situated in Dalmatia. This regional orientation can come in handy while leading the promotional campaigns and you will read later how we used it to appeal to certain types of customers with high regional identity.


The challenge was obvious, “how to successfully establish and maintain the image of the chain which cares and listens to its customers” – ONLINE. The era of aggressive promotion and discounts that are popping out whenever you go had to be put to an end, or at least minimized as much as possible. Our client’s online communication had to be “remade”.

In marketing, you have to do it strategically – so establishing goals in order to overcome this challenge was a necessity. What were our goals?

  • Create the image of Tommy as a chain that listens and responds to customers’ wishes,
  • Make the website of Tommy as neat as possible – without aggressive banners and catalogues – prerequisite for the social media approach,
  • Create the social media pages – Facebook + Instagram,
  • Create “daily fresh content” (just like in the supermarket), tailored to customers’ needs (which we got from market research and online activities on the social media – yes, you can analyze your potential customers’ behaviors just by analyzing social media)



1st step was actually easy – the simple creation of the Facebook page and Instagram account, which can be done by anyone of us. The real struggle comes after it, because in order to make it successful – you need to:

  • Create potential audiences on Facebook by carefully combining their demographic and geographic data with the interests – this way, we created several distinct target groups – one of them was, for an example, women between 25 and 50 years old, living in Dalmatia (in the towns where you can find Tommy supermarkets) who are interested in cooking, baking, groceries and so on…
  • Create new and interesting content (to the audiences you’ve previously set up as target ones) – in our case that means creating various baking recipes, tips&tricks about groceries, healthy food, etc. During this step, you should remember to keep it fresh – the content cannot become repetitive, you have to always come up with some new ideas from time to time.
  • Promotion – On Facebook it does not mean the same like everywhere else. On Facebook, you should hold creative contests, where you engage followers to create their own content for which both of you get rewarded – they earn a prize, and you can use their content for future campaigns or as a free input on how to continue managing your page.
  • Advertising – Use all of the next level, crazy options Facebook offers you in its Advert Manager: create playful ads to increase your page likes, promote key posts, reach local community with local business ads, and drive traffic to your site with click to web or conversion ads and so on. We used advertising mainly to increase our followers’ base and to promote key posts. In the addition to this, you can use ads for a bit of more “aggressive” approach – to promote your website or online product catalogue.
  • Follow up on Instagram – we used this platform to engage with the potential customers by posting really nice photos of the various food (together with short recipes) and by creating lifestyle posts appealing to women followers in general. Never ever use Instagram for aggressive promotion or post blatantly photoshopped images. Always try to post your original content (avoid too much of the stock photography).
  • Besides women only, we used the fact that the supermarket chain is the sponsor of local football club (Hajduk Split) and discretely promoted chips/beer/snacks and similar “game stuff” to male followers around the match times. Plus, we used the collaboration with the football club to gift match tickets to our followers from time to time. 


  • Facebook fans from 0 to 25k
  • Instagram from 0 to 1.6k
  • Facebook as a channel of customer support
  • Cooking tips&tricks – great response by the fans (in average 50% better reach)
  • Interaction that is not solely based on the discounts and supermarket goods’ prices. 

grafBefore you start your social media journey, you absolutely have to:

  • Have a decent web page – the foundation for every integrated digital marketing strategy. 

untitled-34We have designed webpage bearing in mind the idea to integrate it with social media. Large imagery, spotlight products with “like” button, slider, online catalogues, and drop down menus are all the part of functional design tailored to be a good foundation for a further content creating both on the page and social media.


  • Have something in store for mobile users.

Besides responsive web design, we have sought something new, something “next level” for the mobile users and thus we came up with an idea of “QR Catalogue” for our client – Tommy. QR catalogue works in a way that after scanning a QR code, the customer is redirected to the special – mobile only catalogue web page, which contains all of the current discounts.


  • Design your TV videos in a way that they follow the complete visual identity (web, in-store décor, social media).

We have designed and created TV videos for Tommy.

Conclusion is simple: Do it properly or don’t do it at all!