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Facebook Travel Ads – Digital potential of the tourism industry

Facebook as a part of everyday life

Facebook, the biggest social network in the world, is increasing its number of new users. The most popular social platform has reached all generations with a number of its features, which are increasing day by day, and the most important among all of them are connecting and communicating with people.

Why did Facebook become so important?

Besides the communication with other Facebook users, nowadays on that social platform you can build a real or upgrade the existing business empire. By connecting different types of media, video, image, text, games and everything else which is important to the audience, via Facebook, we get an insight into business and other trends – which are our personal interests – and in that way we stay in touch with current events, changes and news, with all the things that interest us or with what could potentially interest us. Facebook definitely isn’t what it once used to be. With the development of the technology and the constant improvement of the features, different marketing tools as well as useful advertising tools have been developed.

Regarding the strong competition in the business world, every advertisement is very important. With the digitalization of the world, Facebook has become one of the most convenient and powerful tools which can be used for business (primarily marketing) purposes.

Facebook in tourism industry

The impact of Facebook marketing has been increasing in all fields, including the travel. Launching Facebook Ads should be a part of every hotel’s marketing strategy. The already well-developed offer of travel-related tools and services which allow users to find inspiration, ask travel recommendations from friends, and even book hotels, has been further improved. Facebook provides an excellent opportunity to attract followers to make a booking through standard ads which help you find your perfect online audience using a network for hotel marketing, and now that is possible with an even higher return on advertising spend (ROAS) than standard remarketing.

Facebook Travel Ads, an original marketing solution for travel industry, delivers highly-customized ads to Facebook, Instagram and various websites within the Facebook network audience. A new feature of Facebook marketing tool, offers a unique solution to help connect the hotel business with the travellers it wants to reach at all stages of their journey. The mentioned solutions, created for travellers and advertisers, allow you to design and introduce the offer, at the right time with the highlighted availability and prices. All of this is aimed at people who are choosing the next travel destination or something else.

Why should you use Facebook Travel Ads as an effective way to expand your audience in the hotel industry

With Facebook Travel Ads, you can reach people who visited your website, but they left it before making a booking and people who haven’t visited your website yet, but they have shown interest in your destination by browsing its website.

Unlike the standard retarget, they allow targeting of users with ads based on the actions they have taken on your website, as well as the dates of their stay, types of rooms and other more specific details provided by visitors. Once the ads are published, they are drawn into a copy with dynamic values using real-time data from the booking engine, and they include the price of overnight stay, the number of visitors and the dates of stay. Since those ads contain accurate and relevant data, they can generate higher conversion rates and achieve higher ROAS than standard retargeting.

At the beginning of every successful campaign there is a target which is carefully analysed and set. In accordance with the purpose and intention of the ad, a well-defined target audience will contribute to better ad performance and the marketing messages will be more successful. Facebook Travel Ads allow you to set an even more precise audience by targeting users based on their geographic location, age, sex, behaviour, relationships and personal interests. Smart targeting is a key to maximize your return on investment, and with Facebook Travel Ads we can minimize unnecessary costs by using a special feature to filter people whose sign-in dates have already passed and, in that way, not to flood them with unnecessary messages and ads, which in that case will be shown only to those people who have expressed great interest in the booking.

A key advantage of Facebook Travel Ads is a possibility of true personalization. Another additional possibility offered by this advertising tool is cross-sell and up-sell in order to maximize ROI (Return on Investment). The aim of cross-sell and up-sell is to make sure that your offer matches the interests and the profile of every guest who has already made a booking at your place. In that place, a full hotel service is offered and sales and the number of bookings increase.

Facebook Travel Ads include new and returning visitors who have browsed the website of  your hotel by updating an ad copy with real-time data from the booking engine system. Personalized ads are then delivered to users, based on their specific behaviour on your website, such as data regarding the dates of their stay and types of rooms, which ultimately leads to the significant conversion increase.